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There are many sector resources are available for supporting healthy co-operative communities.  Here is a list of links to online resources that we have come across. Please feel free to share with us a good resources that is missing by using the website’s Contact Us Form.

  • CHF Canada has an online Resource Centre where tools for good governance and management can be accessed.  Download useful resources on topics ranging from board director duties, evictions, model bylaws, core management standards, and diversity.

  • Canada Mortgage & Housing Corporation (CMHC) is a federal crown corporation responsible for federally funded housing programs. CMHC has resources and funding for new builds, conversions and renovations.  Read More.

  • Agency for Co-operative Housing is the not-for-profit administrator of federal co-operative housing programs in Ontario, B.C., Alberta, and PEI. It delivers services under a contract with Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation.  The Agency’s online catalogue has resource sheets including quick facts and Q&A on subjects ranging from arrears, building condition assessments, sample policies, and energy-saving tips.    Read More.

  • Ontario Ministry of Municipal Affairs & Housing website has information on provincial government housing programs and services.  Read More.

  • Housing Services Corporation is a non-profit organization that delivers province-wide programs that help affordable housing providers and service managers.  Read more.

  • Ontario Co-operative Association has a ton of online resources available for download that include studies of the benefits and economic impact of co-operative businesses.  Access resources for government relations and advocacy, co-op principles, developing co-ops, changes to the Co-operative Corporations Act, and factsheets on different types of co-operative businesses.  Read more.

  • Cooperative Educators Network is an online platform that was launched by The Association of Cooperative Educators (ACE).  Access podcasts, videos, articles, etc. organized by customized learning paths designed to help someone in an educator role gather materials and/or help someone self-teach to increase their awareness.  Read more.

  • The COCHF Resource Library includes various sector publications collected and saved over the years.  Co-op members, managers, and board directors are welcome to visit the federation’s office to research available resources on topics such as:  co-op finances, governance, community development, co-op operations, maintenance and asset management, and co-op principles.  Contact Us.

Education conferences bring together COCHF members on a bi-annual basis.

Conference brochures and registration forms are sent to co-op offices two months prior. The spring education conference is usually held at the end of March or beginning of April, and held in conjunction with the COCHF Annual Meeting.  The fall education conference is held at the end of October or beginning of November, and is combined with the COCHF Budget Meeting.

The itinerary for this one-day conference includes the following: 

  • Choice of 7 workshops
  • Networking Lunch Buffet
  • Conference Plenary
  • COCHF member meeting

Customized training for housing co-ops from your federation

Not sure which workshop topic to request?  We can provide assistance to identify workshop topic(s) for consideration and/or customize workshop(s) to your co-op’s training needs.

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