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  • There is no one available from within the co-op who will be seen as neutral for chairing a discussion on a major agenda item.  Furthermore, the co-op can also request an elections officer instead of a neutral chair, if preferred.

  • There is no one available from within the co-op who is able to chair the meeting, and/or the board has decided that the meeting agenda requires an experience level of chairing that is not available in the co-op for the meeting.

  • A members’ meeting has been requisitioned by members and an agenda item on the requisition relates to a disagreement with or another matter relating to the Board or individual directors on the Board.

COCHF Members receive a FREE neutral chair each calendar year!

Upon request, the federation can provide experienced and neutral outside chairpersons to help your co-op meetings run smoothly & on schedule.

For the first request in a calendar year from a member co-op, COCHF provides a Chair at no cost to the co-op for the first 3 hours.   For subsequent chairing requests, COCHF will charge its usual chairing / consulting fee as follows for COCHF member co-ops:


$40/hr plus reimbursement for chairperson’s travel mileage costs at $0.50/km.

Chairing fees start at $125 and/or a minimum of 3 hours.

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