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There are roughly 40 housing co-operatives in the cities of Brantford, Cambridge, Guelph, Kitchener, and Waterloo. Each housing co-op fills unit vacancies independently, and it’s best to contact each housing co-op individually and express your interest to join the co-op’s waiting list.

Click here to download the directory with contact info of the local housing co-operatives.  Additional information about each housing co-op can also be found by clicking the pictures (right). Our office does not fill vacancies on our end, and each housing co-op has their own process for accepting applications.

If you are in urgent need for affordable housing, you can contact Lutherwood – they are an organization that offer housing support services within the Waterloo Region. Here is a link to their website: https://www.lutherwood.ca/housing.

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  • Applegate Co-op
  • Cahiague Co-op
  • Drumlin Co-op
  • Saorsie Co-op
  • Wicklow Co-op
  • Cambridge New Hope Co-op
  • Clarion Co-op
  • Grandview Co-op
  • Highland Homes Co-op
  • Max Saltsman Co-op
  • Preston Heights Co-op
  • Thorne View Co-op
  • Cole Road Co-op
  • Fife Road Co-op
  • Guelph Campus Co-op
  • Royal City Co-op
  • Silver Wood Co-op
  • Windfield Co-op
  • Wyndham Hill Co-op
  • Asgard Green Co-op
  • Aventine Co-op
  • Bread & Roses Co-op
  • Changemakers Co-op
  • Country Hills Co-op
  • Emanuel Co-op
  • New Generation Co-op
  • Shalom Community Co-op
  • Sprucewoods Co-op
  • Willowside Housing Co-operative
  • Sand Hills Co-op
  • Beaver Creek Co-op
  • Beechwood Co-op
  • Brighton Yards Co-op
  • Needlewood Glen Co-op
  • Seven Maples Co-op
  • Shamrock Co-op
  • Waterloo Co-op Residence