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There are different types of co-operatives that exist to serve the needs of the members.  In the case of housing co-operatives, members have certain rights & responsibilities to help support a positive community-building process.  There are 7 principle upon which co-operatives all around the world are based upon – what do these principles mean to individuals living in housing co-operatives?  To download a sheet developed by the ON Co-op Association that explains each co-operative principle in plain language, click here.


COCHF often receives phone calls from people living in a housing co-op who have a conflict or disagreement with their co-op. Every person’s voice matters and all complaints should be dealt with, but only through the appropriate channels in your co-op.

We suggest you first look at your co-op’s Occupancy and Organizational by-laws and any relevant policies to be clear what your obligations are as a member and the co-op’s obligations to you. If you do not have these documents you should ask for copies at your co-op’s office. You may also find useful to see a copy of the Co-operative Corporations Act, the legislation governing the operations of all co-ops in Ontario. Ask at your co-op’s office.

COCHF cannot provide legal advice or represent a co-op member who has a disagreement with their housing co-op. COCHF cannot take sides in a conflict within your housing co-op. COCHF is not a government agency and has no authority over the operations of your co-op. Your co-op is a member of COCHF and any assistance must come from a request from the co-op’s Board of Directors.