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De-escalating Co-op Conflict

This is the third workshop in a series of five to strengthen conflict resolution and communication tools.  This will be an online workshop via Microsoft Teams.

Click here to download the COCHF Part B workshop series pamphlet

Click here to download the October 2 2021 Workshop #3 Poster

Workshop Description:  When we say someone is “escalated” what is really going on?  This interactive workshop will help you build skills to “de-escalate” others and address concerns and issues.  We will also focus on how you prepare for difficult conversations, voice your own concerns, and/or deliver difficult news to co-op members.

About COCHF’s Part B Workshop Series: 2021 spring conference participants have requested ‘part B’ sessions to dig deeper into the workshops attended. We heard you and will hold scheduled workshops that provide more in-depth training and networking opportunities.

Fee Schedule: COCHF members can register up to five people for the entire series for $250 (works out to $10/person); if there there are only one or two people being registered, the cost is $125 (works out to $12.50/person).   Non-members can register for individual sessions at $60/person.  Space is limited – 40 people max.

Online Registration – Workshop #3

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