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COCHF AGM & Housing Co-op Director’s Roundtable

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COCHF Annual Meeting Agenda Items – virtual (starts at 1pm)

The meeting package has been sent to each member co-op office via email and snail mail. If you are a meeting delegate representing your co-op and/or organization, please make sure you are familiar with the virtual voting procedures for this meeting. Email to relay questions and/or concerns about participating in this meeting.

  • Approval of GMM Minutes on November 14, 2020
  • Auditor’s Report for year ending December 31, 2020 (Presented by Prentice Yates & Clark)
  • Presentation of 2020 Annual Report
  • Board Election – Candidate Speeches / Member Vote (4 positions)
  • Greetings from CHF Canada
  • Thank you to Retiring Board Director(s)
  • Co-op Bingo – Door Prize

Call for Nominations for the COCHF Board for 2021

Central Ontario Co-op Housing Federation (COCHF) is looking for qualified people to run for four positions on our Board of Directors. Consider putting your name forward if:

  • You are interested in helping to plan the future of the larger co-op housing sector
  • You are passionate about housing co-ops and have volunteer board experience
  • You have a solid understanding of the co-op housing model and co-operative principles
  • You live in a COCHF-member housing co-operative

Housing Co-op Directors Roundtable Topics (45min each)

The roundtable sessions will be recorded, and we are inviting any meeting delegates and/or board directors of member co-ops to join; there are 3 topics, and each topic will be an informal discussion. Meeting material will be sent to participants ahead of time and guests from other sector organizations are welcome to join.

1. Co-op Development Opportunities (starts at 10am)

Is your co-op interested in building more homes? We’ve heard from members about closed co-op wait-lists, the need for seniors’ accessible homes, the need for smaller homes for changing lifestyles, co-ops with surplus land or cashflow post mortgage. The COVID-19 pandemic has highlighted societal inequities, with housing at the forefront of this issue. Together, we can take stock of how to help more Canadians call a co-op their home and community.

Come learn about how COCHF and CHF Canada can help you move your development ideas forward. We will discuss today’s funding environment and share some project examples. Together, we will grow the co-op movement and build more homes.

2. How to Solve Unsolvable Problems (starts at 11:15am)

How to solve Unsolvable Problems will be focused on how co-ops can identify and address the most difficult social and member challenges they face. There will be a chance to name the hardest problems and to collectively discover ways to tackle them effectively and to share resources or ideas to prevent and resolve issues in future.

3. Federation’s Stability Fund Policy (starts at 2:15pm)

Our federated structure draws its strength from local housing co-ops forming a collective voice. COCHF services are provided upon request and are developed to serve our members’ needs. The board is updating our stability fund policy that speaks to restricted funds that can only be used for development of new services, scholarships, social events, or for other purposes as approved by members of the federation. We would like to build on this important policy and recognize this process requires a thorough needs assessment. There are unique challenges our federation must consider, and any new service(s) developed must be able to be sustained over time. The 2019 Spring Conference member consultation entititled “Federation – Where Are We Now, and Where are We Going?” produced key insight into ways we can re-affirm the relationship between the federation and member housing co-ops. The stability fund policy update will be a member-driven process that will build on the feedback provided in 2019; the objective is to consider how we can continue to ensure the federation’s longevity and remain effective in responding to member needs. We are a small co-op housing federation, and we need your help to use big picture thinking to understand what co-ops need right now, and what you would like to see from the housing co-op sector in the future.

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