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Co-op Finances & Resilience Webinar

This event has ended

Set your co-op up for success in 2022 and join us for this short webinar that is being co-presented with Alia Abaya, Alterna Savings Director of Community Impact and Member Experience.

Webinar Description: The pandemic has challenged housing co-ops to deal with a changing environment. And it has prompted them to create tools for emergency preparedness. This webinar will look at basic financial management for these times, a co-op treasurer’s checklist, and tips for financial controls. It’s important that your co-op can continue its operations in the event of an emergency, (un)planned staff turnover, office closure, and/or loss of equipment. Note that this webinar will deal with only one component of a co-op’s business continuity plan – financial controls.

A zoom link will be emailed to participants the day prior to the webinar.   To register for this webinar, complete the online registration below and/or send an email to:

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