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The major events of the education program are the Spring and Fall Education Conferences, which offer training workshops, a networking luncheon, and updates from the housing co-op sector.  These education events are a wonderful opportunity for board directors and members of different housing co-ops can meet, share resources, and participate in a productive exchange of ideas.

The spring education conference is usually held at the end of March or beginning of April, and held in conjunction with the COCHF Annual Meeting. The fall education conference is held at the end of October or beginning of November, and is combined with the COCHF Budget Meeting.  The itinerary for this one-day conference includes the following:

  • Choice of 7 workshops
  • Networking Lunch Buffet
  • Conference Plenary
  • COCHF member meeting

Past Education Conference Workshops

COCHF Education Conferences Participants Include:

  • Board directors and/or members who holds a leadership position in your co-op
  • Co-op members interested building leadership skills and/or expanding knowledge
  • Housing Co-op staffperson(s) looking for tools for day-to-day administration
  • Anyone wanting to network with other local housing co-operatives
  • Anyone looking for information on important housing co-op issues
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