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On request, consulting can be provided at Board, Members, or other meetings. Assistance is available for help in governance, problem solving and democratic decision making.

Co-op Board Mentoring

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Co-op Bylaw Revision

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Community Development

COCHF can provide a facilitator to conduct community development sessions for the co-op’s membership. Community Development is a process that engages co-op members to talk about and decide what they want to see happen in their co-op community. Contact the COCHF office and it will assist you in the setting up of a program.

Navigating Co-op's Hiring Process

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Co-op Records

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Business Continuity Plan

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Telephone Assistance

COCHF staff are available to answers questions and identify available resources for co-op directors, staff and members on governance, management and community issues.  If COCHF doesn’t have the requested information readily available, it will either obtain it or let the caller know where it can be found.

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