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Every Spring, COCHF will CHF Canada ON Region will circulate CYL sponsorship forms on behalf of COCHF. We then randomly select a lucky co-op youth to attend a one-week session, and COCHF will pick up the tab!

On an annual basis, COCHF provides a sponsorship for a co-op youth from our area to attend the Co-operative Young Leaders Camp (CYL), at no cost to the participant.

We will pay the registration fee for one youth (ages 14-18) to attend a one-week summer camp experience by the lake!

Eligibility Criteria: The CYL Internship Recipient must live in a COCHF-member housing co-operative.

By Mail: CHF Canada ON Region 313-720 Spadina Ave Toronto ON M5S 2T9

By Fax: 416-366-3876

By Email:

The CYL Summer Camp is a wonderful way for youth to boost their resume, make new friends, and create fun memories.

Check out ON Co-op’s website for CYL program information.